Albion College in Michigan has turned the corner. 


44% increase
in first-year enrollment. 

26% increase in out-of-state students

7% increase in yield


Like many small, regional, four-year private colleges, Albion College suddenly found themselves battling stiff competition for an ever-decreasing number of prospective students.  

Their initial response (before hiring Waybetter) was something we see all too often at institutions in similar positions—they overspent on generic marketing efforts in an attempt to increase applications.

These efforts initially appeared promising as applications went up 70% from the previous year. But it turned out these were “soft” applicants—they were prospective students who knew about Albion, but they didn’t know Albion. In the end, Albion’s yield actually decreased dramatically as deposits stayed flat. Despite the time and money they spent, Albion was treading water.

The first thing we did at Albion was listen. We had to understand their mission and their strengths so we knew what we should be telling prospective students.

Then, using our innovative data-gathering and analytics capabilities, we let these prospects tell us what they wanted to hear. Were they interested in specific majors? Did they place campus life high on their list of priorities? Were they worried about cost? Were they interested in need- or merit-based scholarships?

Whatever prospective students needed to know, we gave them specific, individualized answers across multiple channels (web, email, print, text, etc.). This not only helped them truly get to know Albion, it helped ensure they were a good fit for Albion.

We couldn’t be more pleased with the results: 

·      Albion's deposits increased 45 over our 3-year partnership.
·      Albion’s yield rate went from 12% to 19%.
·      Their marketing cost per deposited student decreased by 70%.
·      The number of out-of-state students increased to over 26% (up from 13%).
·      They hosted a record number of student visits.

Waybetter’s process is a proven winner. After one year, our enrollment went up 30%. Prospective students are overwhelmed with college search material. Fortunately, Waybetter has a unique way of cutting through the clutter with their personalized, strategic approach.
John Thompson, Vice President of Marketing, Albion College

If you'd like to learn more about our partnership with Albion, or about how a more personalized approach to enrollment marketing might be a good fit for your institution, all you have to do is say "hello."