See you at AMA?

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we’ve been sponsoring the ama symposium for the marketing of higher education for close to a decade.

And we’re thrilled to be making the trip to Orlando again this year to participate as both a presenter and a sponsor. You can catch our session, “Connecting Marketing and Enrollment: Building Campaigns With Data That Maters,” on Monday at 11:15 a.m. Waybetter president, Rich Whipkey, will be sharing the microphone with Janelle Holmboe, VP of Enrollment and Dean of Admissions at McDaniel College, and Mark Barrett, Director of Enrollment Programs at the College Board.  

They’ll be telling the story of Janelle’s recent tenure at Warren Wilson College in Asheville, NC, where she helped bring in the largest first-year class in school history. A major theme of the presentation is the importance of aligning the goals and resources of a school’s marketing and enrollment teams, which are often out of sync with each other. It really is a good story, and there’ll be good food for thought for marketers of all stripes.

If you're heading to Orlando and would like to connect, send us a quick note at