Webinar Recording: How To Beat Summer Melt


The most popular article on our website—by a wide margin—is the first one we ever published. It’s the story of how one institution dealt with a pretty significant summer melt problem—from triage all the way to implementing a solution. You can read the whole thing here.

Earlier this year, we were fortunate enough to track down a couple of the folks who played major roles in the saga, and they were kind enough to participate in a webinar in which they shared their insights and lesson learned.

Janelle Holmboe, now vice president of enrollment and dean of admissions at McDaniel College in Maryland, and Jon Scully, now vice president of enrollment and marketing at Elms College in Massachusetts, are thoughtful, high-performing enrollment managers, and hearing them talk through this complex issue is both entertaining and enlightening. It was a true pleasure getting to host them.

If you battle summer melt at your institution, this webinar is worth a listen.