One student at a time.  

Because we believe the best way to recruit students is to talk to them in the most personal, most authentic way possible about the biggest, most expensive decision they've made in their lives so far. 

Because we despise the generic, same-to-all, mailbox-blasting methods that confuse students and irritate parents, that muddy applicant pools with soft and incomplete apps, and that destroy yield rates. 

Because we know there's a (way)better way. A way to combine rock-solid enrollment strategy with first-rate marketing automation technology in order to treat prospective students and their families with the compassion and concern they deserve—from sophomore search all the way to the point of deposit.

It feels really good to market to students this way. It also works.... really, really well.


Enrollment & Marketing Services

We're enrollment strategists who build and implement multichannel enrollment marketing campaigns. From search all the way through yield.  


Our approach to enrollment marketing is radically different from other methods in the marketplace, and that starts with student search. Our key differentiator? We do not blast generic messaging to students who aren't interested. Instead, we use data to tell stories that prospective students care about—at multiple touchpoints throughout the enrollment cycle. Everything we do is personalized to individual students—whether we're talking about their academic interests, their eligibility for aid and scholarships, or their intent to enroll. Regardless of the campaign we're running, the first thing we talk to students about is them—their interests, their passions, their concerns. Then we help them understand how your institution meets them where they are and can take them where they want to go.

marketing automation

Marketing automation is all the rage these days... but it's just another tool. Here at Waybetter, we use it to deploy status-based communication, in concert with your database of record, across multiple ongoing campaigns, all the way from sophomore search through senior yield, across a variety of channels, including microsites, email, text messages, and direct mail. That's a mouthful... we know. The point of it all is to be timely in everything, and to reduce the burden on human resources. 


We've worked with schools across the higher ed landscape—from the Ivy League to the you've-probably-never-heard-of-it-league—to help them grow and shape enrollment. At this point, we have a comprehensive understanding of what works and what doesn't. We'll use our experience and expertise to design a custom strategy that will help you achieve your enrollment goals, and then we'll be with you every step of the way. We're great listeners and excellent collaborators, and we'll care about the things you want us to care about. We won't rest until you've achieved the results you've hired us to help you achieve. 


Segmentation. Persona targeting. Whatever you want to call it, we've perfected a way to talk to students about their interests from the very first point of contact they have with your institution. Because this process is about them—their interests, their passions, they're hopes and fears. Marketing to them with empathy (and best-in-class automation capabilities) ensures their interest in your school is real and well-founded. Think of it as branding to one student at a time, over and over again. 

Data Acquisition

PSAT. SAT. ACT. AP. NRCCUA. GMAT. GRE. ETC. You may be comfortable acquiring your own data, you may not be. We manage this process—from profile-building to executing name buys—for many of our partners. Some prefer to handle it on their own. Soome prefer to have us work directly with their out-of-house consultants. Whatever works for you works for us. The important thing is having a plan to acquire data that gives you the best chance of success. 


We insist on frequent and open communication with our partner schools. This includes reporting on every single metric we're accountable for: from open and clickthrough rates to your number of applications and deposits. We generate reports at intervals of your choosing and give you access to an always-on, Microstrategy-powered dashboard that's blow-your-hair back powerful. 


Here are some nice things people have said about us. 


As we all know, prospective students are overwhelmed with college search material. Fortunately, Waybetter has a unique way of cutting through the clutter with their personalized, strategic approach. After one year, our enrollment went up 30%. Their process is a proven winner.
— John Thompson, VP Marketing, Albion College



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