Lee Carson
VP of Platforms

Lee square.jpg


LEE spearheads Waybetter’s product, engineering, and science initiatives, applying and optimizing our suite of marketing technology that helps colleges and universities find and enroll best-fit students.

Over a 20-year career as a digital marketer, he’s mastered a staggering variety of disciplines and proficiencies (as a designer, engineer, and analyst too). Most recently, Lee oversaw Marriott International’s Digital Experiments division—a globally distributed research and development team focused on maximizing return on investment through data-driven approaches to product development to grow Marriott’s $21 billion digital channel.  

Lee holds a BA in communications from Virginia Tech and an MBA from Johns Hopkins University. Outside the office, he’s a coach at Trapeze School New York in Washington D.C., and dreams of one day forming the Flying Carsons with his young daughter.