We believe the most effective way to enroll more students is to talk to them in the most personal, most authentic way possible. 

To truly have a conversation with them about the biggest decision they’ve had to make in their lives so far. The whole process looks something like this:

We attract students by sending them relevant, personalized communications. When they show interest, we ask questions. (What are they interested in? What are their concerns? What are their hopes for the future?) Then, we tell them your answers. That's it. No trick. No magic. We just say the right thing to the right person at the right time.

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"We have hit record numbers this year, and we definitely say that Waybetter Marketing was a big reason for this increase. By uncovering what we wished we knew about our prospective students we were able to deliver relevant information to meet their individual needs and interests."
—Gabe Welsch, VP of Advancement and Marketing, Juniata College