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How to Not Get Ghosted: A Guide for Admission Counselors During Yield

Working late, getting sent to voicemail, students going dark on you. These scenarios may hit close to home for Admission Counselors during Yield season.

The Admission Counselor is one of the most important players on campus when it comes to sealing the deal with admitted students. They are faced with selling a 4-year investment to a 17-year old on the verge of a massive life change. No pressure!

Counselors, this one’s for you. 


4 ways to optimize your process and generate more deposits:

  1. Keep yourself organized: Keep a running list of where your admitted students stand in the decision making process, upcoming events/travel, outstanding applications to be read, and outgoing communications. This list should be reviewed first thing every morning to help prioritize your daily tasks.

  2. Channel some healthy competition: Use your teammates as motivation when it comes to performance. Track your results as well as your colleagues’ and strive to rise to the top in terms of converting admits to deposits.

  3. Keep tabs on your leads: Pay special attention to what your assigned students are up to. Leveraging critical interaction data (FAFSA status, website visits, email engagement, etc.) will allow you to customize your outreach in a timely and ultra-personalized way.

  4. Set goals: Securing enrollment deposits is no different than losing 10 pounds. It won’t happen without motivation. And it won’t happen overnight. Daily, weekly, monthly, and cyclical goals will help keep you on track and make the task at hand more manageable. 


While ghosting is a trend that is not going anywhere, implementing these 4 strategies will raise the bar in driving action this Yield season.

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