Slate, But Better.
From A Platinum Preferred Partner.

Slate is an extraordinary tool. Its rapid adoption across higher ed has forever changed admissions, enrollment, and marketing operations—for the better. But it’s still just a tool. And making it perform the very specific tasks you need it to for your very specific institutional needs requires considerable human and technological resources.


Flawless Slate.
From Start To Finish.

At Waybetter, we don’t just check boxes when it comes to Slate. From our audits to our final installs, we pride ourselves on delivering the absolute best Slate service in the industry. Nothing we do is generic or off the rack. Instead, we approach every client engagement as the unique, one-off opportunity it is to do something great. That means building useful, elegant, lasting solutions that stand the test of time.

For Every Campus, Every Use Case

Our Slate clients run the gamut—from operations, to admissions, to enrollment marketing—from complex public systems, to small private colleges, to two-year institutions.

As Slate consultants, we’re proud to meet every single client where they are, to listen intently to their challenges and hopes for the future, and to provide customized solutions each and every time. Here’s a list of Slate services we’ve provided recently.

  • Portal page creation
  • Technical and communication audits
  • Strategic comm flow creation
  • Ping strategy and implementation
  • Report and query design
  • Form and template configuration
  • Slate branding
  • Implementations

Portal Page Design and Creation

Slate is powerful, but it’s not an enrollment strategy by itself. That’s why we developed proprietary Slate portal pages that bridge the gap between Slate as a database and Slate as a high-powered enrollment marketing engine.

Waybetter’s portal page strategy includes: interactive content modules that are 100% customized to each student, purpose-driven calls-to-action that change based on enrollment status, contemporary design consistent with your brand, plus innovative strategic elements to build enthusiasm, student community, and brand affinity.

Slate Audit from the Start

Slate can be overwhelming. It’s hard to know where to start and where to apply your limited time and resources. That’s why we begin partnerships with our comprehensive Slate audit—an evaluation of over 500 items, scored with our customized rubric.

The results of the audit will help you focus and triage areas of need. Among other objectives, the audit will ensure your communication flows are properly designed, that target audiences are properly configured, that your reports produce the necessary data to monitor your progress, and application workflows are implemented accurately.

Comm Flows, Fulfilled

Like all great CRMs, Slate can send the right message to the right student at the right time. But what should those messages say? When should you send them? And how do you make sure they’re going to the right person?

Waybetter builds custom comm flows directly in your Slate instance so you can communicate with students across the enrollment lifecycle. This includes email and text messaging for: event marketing, nurturing brand messaging, action-oriented messaging (apply, visit, deposit), and personal outreach from faculty and staff.

Better Strategy, Better Service

That’s where we thrive. Waybetter’s Slate Services division delivers the big-picture strategy and technical capabilities required to make Slate the operations and marketing juggernaut you need it to be.

The Waybetter team has been integral to building out our Slate instance.

They are absolute Slate gurus. As a community college we have a lot of complexities—and our internal processes are so detailed—but Waybetter came in, made suggestions, and built solutions. And the time that they were able to get it done was tremendous—they were just so fast, and they communicated with us the entire time. We couldn't have gotten where we are today without their assistance. "

Slate Services

A Slate Preferred
Platinum Partner.

Waybetter is a Slate Preferred Platinum Partner, a designation that means we have been vetted by Technolutions and given direct access to Slate’s portal and a deeper level of exposure to Slate’s resources. It also means that several of our team members have been trained directly by Slate and have a direct line to Slate’s in-house experts.

We’re also proud to host occasional webinars with Technolutions staff.