Better Marketing for a Brave New World.

Students (and increasingly their parents) are earnestly searching for the best-fit college experience. They have so much on the line. And they can’t do it alone. They need colleges and universities to find them, engage them, inspire them—and help them begin the journey toward better, richer, deeply fulfilling futures. That’s where Waybetter comes in.

Enrollment Success.
Student Centered.

Guided by empathy for students and families, and a belief that higher education is still the best path toward meaning and purpose, Waybetter’s comprehensive enrollment marketing services help colleges and universities meet and exceed their enrollment goals by identifying best-fit students and treating them as the unique individuals they are. We do full service multi-channel campaign management in support of three main goals: find and qualify students, generate applicants, and assess their intent to enroll.

Multi-channel Marketing Designed for Higher Education

At the heart of the Waybetter system is our focus on delivering hyper-personalized marketing messages at every stage of the student journey. Whether a student enters your prospect pool as part of a data buy, as the result of a Google search, or in response to a precision-targeted digital ad, our marketing campaigns speak to them about their preferences, their interests, and their plans for the future—across all of their devices, for the duration of their college journey.

  • Personalized email
  • Custom web environments
  • Acquisition services
  • Digital advertising
  • Text messaging
  • Personalized print

Truly Qualified Leads, Deposits in Mind

Waybetter offers hands-on precision lead generation execution. As your source-agnostic search partner, we offer unbiased strategies to deliver you the most qualified sophomores, juniors, seniors (and parents)—the ones that are most likely to convert into a deposit. With unrivaled licensing frequency that works in conjunction with Waybetter’s broader, all-encompassing strategy, we work hard to help you meet YOUR enrollment goals.

Digital Advertising, Beyond Impressions

Digital ads are a key ingredient in our comprehensive enrollment marketing campaigns. Waybetter’s ad services include all strategy and placement from the creative and copywriting to the testing and optimization. We take care of the end-to-end management and provide an interactive dashboard for you to dig into performance highlights when it works for you.

Comm Flow Experts, No Matter Your CRM

Utilizing our expertise in status-based communication, email deliverability, content development, and CRM technology, we’ll audit your existing setup. Then, if you choose, we’ll build a seamless integration of email and text messaging for your inquiry pool to complement your search marketing efforts, including: event marketing, nurturing brand messaging, action-oriented messaging (apply, visit, deposit), and personal outreach from faculty and staff.

Big Tech, Big Picture

As your enrollment marketing agency, Waybetter brings a host of discrete services, strategies, and technologies to bear. But what sets us apart is our ability to use all the tools at our disposal as part of a holistic, multiyear, big-picture plan to build sustainable enrollment year over year.

We have hit record numbers this year,

and we definitely say that Waybetter Marketing was a big reason for this increase. By uncovering what we wished we knew about our prospective students, we were able to deliver relevant information to meet their individual needs and interests. ”

Enrollment Marketing