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5 Quick Copywriting Tips to Boost Your Email Engagement

Write about benefits over facts.

  • Many schools tout the small class sizes.
  • Instead of writing, “Our average class size is 20 students.”
  • Complement it with, “You’ll receive the personalized attention from professors you deserve, including mentorship and networking opportunities.”
  • Paint the picture.

Use the second person.

  • Instead of writing, “We are among the best schools for experiential learning and internships.”
  • Say, “You’ll secure real-world experience and potential job opportunities with top-tier organizations in your field.”

Reduce complexity and use clear, compassionate language.

  • Especially when it comes to financial aid, students need to hear familiar words, phrases, and concepts.
  • Break down the different types of aid, and what they mean for students in everyday terms.
  • For example, “Grants can be awarded by the federal and state governments or colleges. This type of aid does not need to be repaid.”

Leverage student stories.

  • Real-life examples from students (think quotes, videos, and testimonials) help build trust and back up your brand.
  • Plus, you can make your institution more approachable by addressing common concerns among prospective students, including post-graduate opportunities, diversity and inclusion, the transition to college, fitting in, etc.

Keep it short!

  • Attention spans are short—make sure your copy is too. Try to write emails around 5-7 sentences. Short, punchy information and a call to action are all you need to make an impact.
  • If you have a lot of good content to share, that’s great! Create an email campaign instead of trying to fit everything into a few messages.
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