Presbyterian College.

Presbyterian College (PC) was managing over 100,000 underqualified inquiries with messaging that lacked personalization. In a matter of weeks, Waybetter refined PC’s strategy by qualifying licensed names and delivering engaged inquiries.  As a result of these efforts, PC increased enrollment by 25% in year one.

The Challenge

Enrollment was continually declining for Presbyterian College when Waybetter Marketing stepped foot on campus in the summer of 2021. PC had multiple outside partners all working on their own small projects without a defined strategy. Communications to students were fragmented and lacked personalization. Staff members were exhausted, and many roles needed to be filled or better defined. However, with the hire of an innovative and energetic president, it became clear that brighter days were ahead.  

The Better Way

In the first few days of our partnership, we analyzed and cleaned up outside partners, leading the strategic reset for PC. We then diligently crafted campaigns for the top and middle of the enrollment funnel, delivering qualified leads that demonstrated an interest in PC. We were able to better communicate with the students by sending the right messages at the right time to the right students. We knew their statuses and talked to them about the appropriate next steps. It was clear at this point, by the increase in applications, that this was the first time in a while that PC had used relevant communications to drive action.


From week one, the impact of the campaign was felt. Students were engaging with the emails, ads, and texts and exploring their custom landing pages. Event communication was personalized and memorable and attendance was increasing. The new staff was starting to take shape and they all bought into the Waybetter principle that relevance drives action

With only one year to recruit the Waybetter way, paired with a steadfast dedication to hyper-personalized communication, Presbyterian College realized 25% more deposits in year one of the relationship.

To further demonstrate the effectiveness of the Waybetter approach, at the start of year two we embarked on reimagining the entire communication flow in Slate for inquiries, incomplete applicants, admitted students, and parents. 

The year-over-year results were almost immediate, and a very interesting trend showed itself. As of December 13, inquiries are DOWN nearly 25%, while applications are up 13%, but more importantly, completed applications are up a startling 40%.

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more deposits in 1 year
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less inquiries
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more completed applications

From the moment I met the Waybetter team, I knew they were dedicated to success of Presbyterian College.

We completely reimagined the way we were recruiting students, and Waybetter was there every step of the way. They became a true partner and helped us think about every detail of recruiting a student. I credit their experience, responsiveness and willingness to tackle our unique challenges that led to our increase in enrollment."