Serving Search to Student Success: Your Ultimate Portal Suite

From your first touch point with a student to your last – make it count! Each will have a custom strategy, but the one common denominator? They all will be managed directly from your Slate instance.

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A Waybetter Way of Student Search (in Slate!)

Attract, learn, respond, and be anything but cookie-cutter.

Make a commitment to personalization right from the start. Talk to students about their own interests and help them make one of the biggest decisions of their lives.

A Waybetter Status Portal

A student’s personalized gateway to your campus.

Welcome to the most important touchpoint you have with applicants. It’s up to you to deliver a portal that is just as unique as the student. You can’t afford not to.

A Waybetter Parent Portal

Nudge the nudgers — build strong, trusted relationships with parents.

It’s time to team up with your most valuable recruitment partner. Get parents the information they need to guide  their students through the admissions process.

A Waybetter Deposit Portal

Make it easy for students to complete next steps and stay engaged—see your summer melt problem melt away.

Students have applied. They’ve been admitted. They’ve deposited. And now the work to retain them and get them to campus begins.

A Waybetter Internal Dashboard

Be more productive. Be more efficient. Grow key territories.

Arm your team with the ultimate resource: the go-to tool for counselors, the time-saving report and query engine for operations staff, and the must-have accountability insight for leadership.

*To protect our partner institution’s data, the sample shown is from Waybetter’s Slate instance.

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