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How the Counselor Command Center™ Can Take You to the Next Level

In the fast-paced world of higher education, we understand the challenges faced by counselors, admissions operations staff, and enrollment leaders in effectively managing student interactions and driving enrollment growth.

To support our partners, Waybetter has developed the exciting Counselor Command Center™—a powerful tool designed to:


– Optimize counselor process with data-backed features –

– Act as a centralized hub for all prospect information and insights –

– Provide counselor-specific task suggestions for all funnel stages –

– Revolutionize the approach to managing counselor productivity –


Let’s dive into how the Counselor Command Center™ benefits counselors, admissions operations staff, and enrollment leaders, and explore its fantastic features that empower counselors to create meaningful connections with students.


1. Empowering Counselors:


The Counselor Command Center™ places counselors at the center stage, offering them a centralized hub for all their essential tasks. By providing clear direction and real-time insights into their performance, this tool equips counselors to be more successful. Here’s how:

A. Your All-in-One Hub:

With the Counselor Command Center™, counselors have a one-stop shop that brings together everything they need to thrive in their daily tasks. From accessing reports and queries to tracking their performance compared to their peers, our platform ensures that counselors have all the tools at their fingertips.

B. Friendly Competition, Great Results:

We believe a little healthy competition goes a long way in inspiring greatness. This tool fosters friendly competition among counselors, allowing them to see how they stack up against their colleagues. This gamified approach motivates counselors to reach new heights and deliver exceptional results.

C. Insights the Drive Action:

The Counselor Command Center™ provides actionable insights by allowing counselors to dive deep into individual student records. With access to valuable metrics, counselors can better understand each student’s engagement and tailor their support accordingly. Logging calls and recording notes within the platform makes taking action quick and easy, ensuring no student slips through the cracks.


2. Streamlining Admissions Operations: 


We know that admissions operations staff are the backbone of efficient enrollment processes. The Counselor Command Center™ is designed to simplify tasks and boost overall efficiency. Here’s how:

A. Reports and Queries at Your Fingertips:

By providing a comprehensive set of reports and queries, the Counselor Command Center™ allows admissions operations staff to put essential information at their users’ fingertips. This accessibility reduces the need for frequent assistance, saving valuable time for the operations team.

B. Maximizing Efficiency:

By centralizing all reports and tasks in one location, our platform streamlines operations, simplifies processes, and optimizes workflow. With routine tasks taken care of, admissions operations staff can focus on strategic initiatives and higher-level tasks that drive results.


3. Empowering Enrollment Leaders: 


Enrollment leaders face unique challenges in managing counselors and gaining insights into enrollment progress. The Counselor Command Center™ equips enrollment leaders with powerful tools for accountability, process improvement, and effective management. Here’s how we support your success:

A. Holding Counselors Accountable:

With the Counselor Command Center™, enrollment leaders can easily track individual counselor performance and metrics. This transparency allows you to identify areas for improvement, provide targeted training opportunities, and ensure counselors are delivering their best.

B. Real-Time Reports:

Our platform provides real-time reports on deposits and applications, giving enrollment leaders an accurate snapshot of enrollment progress. These reports help you showcase your team’s efforts to your leadership and demonstrate that you’re on top of things.


At Waybetter, we are continually finding ways to harness Slate to its max capacity to drive enrollment — this one-of-a-kind tool does just that.

Are you thinking “I need this?” Contact us to schedule a demo and see it in action.

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