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Unlocking Accessibility: Three Quick Wins for Your Instance

Discover quick wins for improving email accessibility in your instance, making your communication more inclusive and engaging for all recipients.

1. Use readable fonts and formats:

When selecting fonts, it is recommended to choose those that are easily readable, such as Arial, Times New Roman, or Helvetica. It is also advisable to consider the font size when formatting written content. A font size of approximately 16 pixels is generally deemed appropriate for most purposes, as it strikes a balance between readability and visual appeal. 

2. Include Alt Text for Images:

When incorporating images or graphics in your emails, provide alternative text (alt text) that describes the visual content. Descriptive alt text is also useful when images fail to load due to slow internet connections or technical issues, as it provides context and information about the missing visual element. By including descriptive alt text, you ensure that all recipients can access and comprehend the content of your emails effectively.

3. Ensure Considerate Color Contrast:

Ensure that the color combinations used for text and background offer sufficient contrast to assist individuals with visual impairments or color blindness. Optimal contrast enhances readability, preventing difficulties in perceiving the email’s content. Utilize online tools and browser extensions to verify color contrast ratios and ensure adherence to accessibility standards.

Implementing these quick wins for email accessibility can make a significant difference in creating more inclusive communication experiences. 

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