Vincennes University

Vincennes University is a Workhorse of American Higher Education.

Predominantly a two-year institution but with several four-year degree pathways and multiple locations, they’re a perfect example of how a public university can adapt and grow to meet the unique needs of its students and its community.

The Challenge

But Vincennes’ willingness to meet their constituents where they are comes with a fair amount of heavy lifting on the backend. With so many pathways available to prospective students, things can get complex for Vincennes’ operations, admissions, and marketing teams.

The Better Way

To help modernize and streamline these processes, Vincennes bought Slate. After a competitive RFP process, Waybetter won the opportunity to help Vincennes match Slate’s extraordinary capabilities with their very unique business needs and requirements.

We began at Vincennes the way we begin with all our partners: with an inquisitive, close listening discovery process that ensured we understood the full scope of their goals, resources, and needs. Then we did a deep dive into their current processes and setup, and then suggested a solutions roadmap that would lead them closer to their goals.

To date, we’ve helped the Vincennes team realize much of Slate’s full potential, including:

  • Building custom portal pages with purpose-driven calls to action that change based on application/enrollment status—all housed within a slick, UX-friendly design that’s consistent with their brand.
  • Architecting and implementing automated drip campaigns for all critical populations to move a student through the long enrollment cycle, from the point of inquiry to the point of deposit.
  • Designing an application that supports all student types and degree types utilizing custom application form pages and widgets that collect all the critical information while still being easy for students to complete.
  • Implementing application workflows to bring efficiencies and automation to the reader process across many different university constituents (international admissions, faculty committees, the records/registrar office, etc.).


The net result of our collaboration is that teams at Vincennes are reaping the rewards of more efficient, productive processes. They’ll not only be more likely to meet their enrollment goals, but harnessing Slate’s powers means they’re able to bring their full attention and resources to bear on other areas where they can continue to meet the needs of their prospective and current students.

Waybetter Deliverables:
  • Strategy
  • Portal Pages
  • Comm Flows
  • Application
  • Application orkflows
  • Decision Release Module & Letters

The Waybetter team has been integral to building out our Slate instance.

They are absolute Slate gurus. As a community college we have a lot of complexities—and our internal processes are so detailed—but Waybetter came in, made suggestions, and built solutions. And the time that they were able to get it done was tremendous—they were just so fast, and they communicated with us the entire time. We couldn’t have gotten where we are today without their assistance.