Ross R. Grippi, II
VP of Enrollment Strategy & Partnerships


If you’re looking for someone to talk enrollment management with, look no further. Ross has spent his entire 18 year career in enrollment management and loves to help others fight the good fight.

Where’s he been? What’s he done?

Lots of places. Lots of things.

He’s worked at three separate Ohio universities. He’s served nationally on the NACAC Communications Committee. He’s been published in too many national articles to count. And he has some pretty impressive results to show for it:

Ross has led a team to 2 of the largest first year classes in recent history, he developed a plan that increased out-of-state enrollment by 100% and he supported initiatives to increase enrollment of diverse populations which resulted in a 75% growth.

Elsewhere Ross drove a 200% increase in enrollment from a desired out-of-state market through the implementation of a regional admission representative and enhanced marketing efforts.  

Finally, at his most recent home, Ross produced a 40% increase in applications and admits while increasing the GPA, ACT, and SAT profile of deposited students.  

All this to say, he knows his stuff. He knows what it’s like to be on that side of the fence. And we’re happy to have him on the Waybetter team to lend his expertise in helping our partners shatter their enrollment goals. 

You can reach Ross at: