How to Get Prospective Students To Respond To Stuff You Send Them (AKA, The Rules of Direct Mail)

Like many folks in this line of work, I inquire at colleges and universities all over the country. This means I get viewbooks, postcards, brochures, emails, and all manner of other marketing collateral delivered to my home and office just about every single day.

Rarely do I see anything that’s objectively bad.  Until, that is, application and visit season start up in the fall. Then things get dicey, not from a design or copywriting point of view necessarily, but from an actual marketing point of view.

How To Talk To Gen Z: A guide for higher ed marketers tired of being coerced into overthinking everything

Odds are that if you’re a higher ed enrollment or marketing professional, you’re probably pretty good at communicating with people, especially people who are enrolled in high school. In fact, “be an excellent communicator” was probably a baseline qualification—bullet point number one, in fact—for the job you currently have.

5 Best Practices For Undergraduate Search

While generating conversations with millions of prospective students is genuinely exciting and rewarding, it’s also a gargantuan undertaking that’s got us feeling pretty exhausted. But before we commence our recovery, we thought we’d share some of the best practices that have helped us execute successful search campaigns for the colleges and universities in the Waybetter family over the last decade.  If you’re managing search in house, here’s where we’d start: